Danny Bowles, Featured Artist

Meet Danny Bowles, Fiber Artisan

  As he nears the barn he pulls the scarf a bit tighter around his neck, attempting to fend off the chill that the cooler weather has brought to the farm. He kneels in the straw and marvels as the tiny body takes its first breaths. He unravels the scarf...

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Jane Merrills, Featured Artist

Meet Jane Merrills, Jewelry Artist

  She spies a colorful sparkle and kneels in the sand, gently pushing aside grains to reveal a stone. A grin slowly appears on her face as she lifts it from the beach and wipes it with her other hand to investigate the value of her new-found treasure. The warm...

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Ann Tubbs - Featured Artist - Pottery

Meet Ann Tubbs, Pottery Artist

  “Wait! Don’t eat that yet!” she exclaims. “I haven’t finished drawing it.” She quickly finishes her sketching and places the small notebook in her purse, signaling to her husband and son they now have permission to eat the lovely meal they have been eagerly anticipating. They are used to...

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