Volunteers Needed | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Volunteers Needed for Artalicious 2016!

Artalicious strives to be the premier fine arts fair in the area, which is something that is not quite possible without the help of our fantastic volunteers each year. Whether you have a deep appreciation for the arts, or you’re just looking for a way to give back to your local community, you’re welcome to help make Artalicious 2016 better than ever!

Time commitments range from under and above 10 hours and opportunities are available before, during, and after our event. There are various ways to volunteer your time to a great event that benefits artists and arts education in our area.

If you’re interesting in volunteering for Artalicious 2016, check out the opportunities we have listed and fill out our volunteer form.

Hope to see you all September 16th & 17th!


Green Spaces

Director Chris Miller

Bringing color and nature to the asphalt jungle, making the fair more attractive. It involves contacting landscaping companies to create displays during the fair in a 20′ parking space. This can be an advertisement for their business. We will need a minimum of four 20′ spaces. Volunteer would contact businesses and coordinate placement of the green spaces with Pi Benio and Nancy Weatherby.

Chalk Art

Directors Kristina Martin and Rochelle Kidd

Advertise and run the event, line up a guest artists and judges, work with the sponsor on prizes, collect materials, communicate with artists, and create backgrounds for chalk art competition and kid art on W. Maumee St.

Help needed Thursday evening, the day before the fair

Chair-ity Auction

Directors Amy Philp and Char Wilkins

Publicize, organize the auction, and display re-missioned chairs by artists and designers to support the fair.

Volunteer help needed Friday morning and Saturday late afternoon during the fair.


Chair-ity Conga Line

Director Needed

Will encourage bidding on the chairs in support of the fair and signal the end of bidding at 5 pm on Saturday. 15-20 merry, high-energy revelers will carry chairs, snaking thru the fair, enticing bids, and return to the Adrian District Library. You will need to find 15-20 volunteers who are outgoing, fun loving, and have a heart for the fair and organize them for the event at 4:30 Saturday. The event itself will take less than a half hour. They will carry chairs, but we will use the lightest, most easily transported chairs. For the conga line this whole activity is less than 2 hours.

Volunteer help needed Saturday afternoon of fair.

Set up of the “Mash” Sign

Director Needed

The sign is placed in the intersection of Main and Maumee. The sign provides directions to various activities in an artsy and sculptural way and has become a focal point in the fair. This volunteer activity will require you to determine the best way to put up the sign prior to doing so on Thursday night before the fair, and taking the sign down and moving it to storage Saturday evening.

Throwing Tent

Director Pi Benio

Kids and adults can experience the potter’s wheel for themselves. Help is needed to collect materials and equipment needed, move the wheels and clay to the fair Friday morning, then dismantle and move to storage Saturday evening.

Volunteer helpers needed both days with experience on the potter’s wheel

Flags over West Maumee

Directors Jan Kjoller and Vivian Stein

Will make the street festive and recognizable as the fair’s devoted area for children. Groups of children will make double sided paintings to be hung from light post to light post above and across W Maumee to decorate the children’s area of the fair. Eight lines of flags will be installed, one for each set of light posts. Perhaps each elementary school in Lenawee can be involved, so ability to call people, maybe a familiarity with teachers in the county would be helpful. You will need to collect materials; such as rope and pulleys and assist in installation. Perhaps locating a donor to supply acrylic paint would be helpful to the schools participating. Installation will be completed Thursday night. Flags will be taken down Saturday night.

Volunteer help needed to assist in putting up and taking down, Thurs and Saturday night


Arrange Face Painting and Caricature Artist

Director Needed

For the kid’s art area on West Maumee.

Emerging Artists Tent

Director Rob Stranges and Additional Director Needed

Gives young artists visibility in our community and includes high school and college artists. Initiate an invitation to all county high schools, where each art teacher can select a student to represent their school. Each student can show multiple works at the large provided tent. The first eight high school artists to submit the participation form will be included. We are also including 4 students each from Adrian College and Siena Heights University. Communicate with participants on drop off and pick up of their work, arrange for each student to sit the tent for 2-3 hours, and hang the works on an already prepared set up for 2D and 3D works. Work with co-director Rob Stranges on completing all of the above.

Volunteer help needed to set up display structure Thurs night and/or put up work Friday afternoon just before fair starts

Artist Check-In

Directors Mike Jacobitz and Marilyn Schebil

Located on W Maumee and Winter Street. Help orient artists and non-profits as they arrive. Help direct them to their spaces, coordinate Onsted HS volunteers to help them unload and set up. Make sure they have info on artists lounge, breaks, Saturday morning nosh and lunch. Work closely with Visual Arts Co-Chairs Pi Benio and Nancy Weatherby.

Limited volunteer help needed any portion of Friday 10am-4pm

Coordinate Artist Take Down

Director Needed

Saturday night at 8pm on September 17th. Nuts and bolts work but extremely necessary for our artists to have a good experience and return to the fair next year. Figure sensible traffic pattern with artist communicator and co chair of Visual Arts, Nancy Weatherby. Enforce traffic pattern and quick movement of vehicles after pick up, ability to take charge without being rude! Arrive at 7:30pm, usually all egress is complete by 10pm.

Volunteer help needed Saturday 7:30pm-10pm

Coordinate Demonstration Artist

Director Darlene Southward

This year approximately 30 artists in the Art Fair and Chair-ity will demonstrate. Team with Visual Arts Co-chair Pi Benio to select artists, communicate with them, organize schedules, provide needed access to water, etc This is a major initiative that will give Artalicious a significant and noteworthy feature that will make it different from other art fairs. Through grants awarded to the fair and procured by the fundraising team artists are paid for demonstrating.

Limited volunteer help needed both days of the fair.

Artist Amenities

Director Mary Kelly

Will facilitate giving artists time away from their booths to go to the bathroom, run to their car, make personal phone calls, all enhancing their experience at our fair. Organize outgoing volunteers from a women’s service sorority to assist artists for twenty minute breaks, You will need 3-4 volunteers to offer break help during the fair which is Fri Sept 16th 5-7:30 and Sat Sept 17th 11-7.

Volunteer help needed both days of the fair.

Artist Lounge and Nosh

Director: Ann Knisel

Organize Saturday breakfast from 8am-11am, procure breakfast food, donations for ongoing snacks and water. Locate and arrange artist break space that has a quiet place to eat, bathroom facilities.

Volunteer help needed both days of the fair to act as hosts during the hours of operation

Artist Lunch Service

Director: Debbie DuMars

Will provide a much appreciated service and help our artists be able to eat without waiting in long lines taking up all their break time. This will help improve their experience at the fair. Volunteer will coordinate with DDA Director Chris Miller restaurants and menus from downtown eateries that will be supplied to the artists. Collection of money, pick up and delivery of lunches to artists at their booths. You will need to find three-four volunteers to assist you. Advance planning so menus can be provided to artists several weeks before the fair and collection of menus Saturday morning Sept 17, delivery of orders and money to restaurant, pick up and delivery of food between 11-1pm that day.


Director: NEEDED

Volunteer help needed during and after the fair installing panels

Plein Air Painting

Director Needed

Volunteer painters willing to paint outside at an assigned location for 2 hours

Curate a Window Exhibition

Director Needed

To create interest and activity throughout the fair by locating either a traveling exhibition or organizing a local show of large scale art works. Possibly find donations of $100-$300 to fund a traveling show. Install in a large window the week before the fair, take down a week after for a three week run. Hammerman, Steele, and Willett windows, Jean Christopher windows on W Maumee too. Find other windows also.

Plein Air Painting

Director Needed

Director needed to locate and schedule artists throughout the fair.

Volunteer painters needed

Hidden Beauty

Director Ray Lennard and Kathleen Erikson

Photo competition showcases a limited number of photographers all working on a common theme.

Locate Sponsors

Director Don Taylor

Communicate with local businesses and chain stores to procure in-kind needs or a sponsorship so each of the above has a sponsor. Contact individuals to sponsor artist’s booths.