Tom Elliott | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Tom Elliott


Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Discipline: Wood


Tom Elliott has spent most of his working life in business. In his early 50’s, he drew upon his high school shop training from over 40 years ago to begin turning wood objects. As his love of wood turning and wood art developed, he became focused on exploring the natural beauty of local trees. He uses recycled local woods from lot clearings, blow downs, old fences, and shipping pallets as his feedstock.

As his work evolves, Tom continues to explore the relationship between traditional, artisanal items and art in the post-industrial world. His original work which was confined to bowls and vases has now expanded into other wooden objects. He concentrates on natural living edge pieces such as cutting boards, tables, benches, boxes, and non-functional wood wall art. He has also expanded his work to include stringed wooden folk instruments.