Michelle Maddux | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Michelle Maddux


Hometown: Toledo, OH

Discipline: Jewelry

Website: SerenityInChains.com

Michelle Maddux has found that it is the small things that bring us a sense of serenity. Colors, plays of light, the tactile sensation of a slithery bracelet around our wrist, all of these things help to bolster us in our daily struggles, our modern battles. This is
what drew her to the art ancient art of Chainmail and metal working as her medium for jewelry designs. Coupled with a love of symmetry, nature and color, she has strived to bring into the world a sense of peace through her jewelry designs. Michelle thinks of her jewelry as modern day ‘Soul Armor’, much like that chainmail armor that the knights of old wore. Armoring the average modern warrior in beauty, she hopes to perpetuate that sense of peaceful mind that we have so often lost.

Each piece of jewelry is created by hand forming, opening, weaving, and closing thousands of tiny jump rings in an ancient art called chainmail, which originated in the 16th century. She works with Aluminum, Stainless, Sterling, Copper, Niobium, Titanium and more. All of her wire working starts with raw wire which is annealed, twisted, torched, hammered, and wrapped to create the final piece before being hand polished.

Michelle Maddux