Jolene Witt | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Jolene Witt

Hometown: Deerfield, MI

Discipline: Author


Jolene Witt is an author who has published the book, Rooted Together. This piece tells the tale of a mother and daughter rite of passage – a true story about the cross country trip she took with her oldest daughter, to climb and sleep in trees on the Oregon coast.

Jolene is a writer and a reader, a wife and a mother. She loves living on the family farm with her husband, Dan, where for the past 27 years they’ve watched their crops and three daughters grow. Jolene was shocked by how quickly life was moving them forward, and felt compelled to take each of her girls on a special mother-daughter rite of passage before they left for college. Rooted Together is the true story of the cross-country adventure she took with her oldest daughter, Cote, to climb and sleep in 250′ trees on the Oregon coast. With her girls now grown and two more unique mother-daughter trips behind them, Jolene is currently working to bring two more books to life!


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