Carrie Mickey | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Carrie Mickey


Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI

Discipline: Fiber Arts

Sewing is a long tradition within Carrie Mickey’s family, passed down from generation to generation. It was a skill that was taught just like learning to cook or do the laundry. She had the privilege of earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Adrian College. With her background in sewing and her study of art in college, she combines her experiences to make wearable art!

Carrie has a passion for fabric and an eye for putting the unexpected together, making each piece one of a kind! She designs and makes ladies clothing and accessories. She often combines multiple fabrics using a serge. She views the serged edge on the fabric as added texture and leaves it exposed for definition. She also enjoys manipulating materials for more texture, thus cutting and fraying fabric before adding it to a piece.