Brenda Singletary | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Brenda Singletary


Hometown: Tecumseh, MI

Discipline: Mixed Media

Brenda Singletary, presently a teaching artist on the campus of Adrian Center for the Arts, in Adrian, MI, received an MFA-IA from Goddard College in Vermont. She is an accomplished artist with works that are part of the collections in the White House, Georgia State Capital, museums, corporations and so on. Singletary has also received many arts awards, including the American Express Cultural Arts Award.

Brenda expresses herself through imagery. Everywhere she goes, seeing colors and textures that inspire new ideas are endless. Her passion for creating acrylic paintings, pastel drawings and sculptural paintings in concrete mounted on wood, takes her on a continuous journey that is forever growing and changing. It is the love of the process of art-making that’s spiritual, her workplace becoming as a church.

Singletary makes art that provides a service. She is committed to working with intense community collaborations based on projects that speak to a cause or need through fundraising. This is the essence of her practice, creating with purpose. She looks for opportunities to display her art in non-traditional spaces that connect with diverse communities.