Annemarie Kallenbach | Artalicious Fine Arts Fair

Annemarie Kallenbach


Hometown: Adrian, MI

Discipline: Jewelry

Metalsmithing with copper, brass, and silver materials is a beautiful art form. Traditional metalsmithing includes cutting, piercing, rolling, hammering, and soldering to make beautiful piece of tiny artwork worn as adornment. Annemarie Kallenbach also practices in exquisite beadweaving which produces intricate design in colored glass, stone, and metal. Casted metal jewelry is an adaption of sculpture on a minute scale. Metal forming utiliizes the inherent properties of each metal to create unique design and form.

Annemarie says she switched to her right mind from years of medical and nursing practice to expanding her long cultivated, creative mind. Her metal art mentors include the late Professor John Wittensheim and Professor Jamie Goode.

Being both a faculty member and faculty wife at Siena Heights University while studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts has opened many ways of looking at the world through art. “I have had the honor of throwing with Dennis Swartzlander, making prints and books with Mad Mohre, and now illustrating with Erin Zerbe,” expalins Annemarie, “This, with my spiritual study with Richard Rohr, has helped me to move closer to serenity, wholeness, and heaven.” A skilled jewelry artist, she utilizes her knowledge of traditional metalsmithing to create beautiful work.

Annemarie Kallenbach