Do you represent a media outlet that is interested in covering Artalicious? This page will be updated regularly with information on the fair. Scroll down for publicity photos that can be used in any stories about Artalicious. Please email us to see if there is any way we can help you.

MEDIA CONTACT: Hoyden Creative Group – 517-759-1557

Photo Gallery

Painted Chair Art Plein Air Painting Pottery PaintingPottery Throwing Wheel Plein Air PaintingArt-A-Licious ShoppingShopping at Art-A-LiciousKid's ActivitiesArt at Art-A-LiciousSpray Paint ArtArt-A-Licious ShoppingWood CarvingShopping at Art-A-LiciousSculpture Demonstration

Video Clips

The following clips are available for B-roll use in any television stories about the fair. All clips are 1920×1080 and in QuickTime format. (Other formats available upon request; call 517-902-2896 or email

Establishing shot of downtown Adrian (:06)

Establishing shot of people walking down street (:09)

Crowd shot from behind musicians on stage (:15)

An artist teaches visitors about woodturning (:14)

People browse a woodworking tent (:09)

Closeup of pottery in an artist’s tent (:05)

A young artist demonstrates her technique (:12)

Closeup of the artist from the previous shot (:07)

An exhibitor in the Lost Arts tent (:08)

Two people browse a jeweler’s tent (:09)

An artist adjusts his display (:08)

People look at chairs decorated for an auction (:08)

A glassworker demonstrates his technique (:12)

A glassworker demonstrates her technique (:09)

Closeup of work in a jeweler’s tent (:10)

Closeup of cellists’ bows during a performance (:13)