Tia Riva


Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Discipline: Mixed Media

Website: GenieneFunctionalArt

Tia Riva has been creating artwork for as long as she can remember, in every form, with every media, in every creative way imaginable. The results became clear after years of experimenting, graduating with an Associates in Fine Art and riding her
artistic wave in life, that she was a mixed media watercolor artist, illustrator.

Symbols, words, patterns, inspiration beyond paper, deep feelings and emotions resonate with each exclusive piece. Tia uses India ink to outline her shapes and outlines, then adds the “fun” with watercolor washes. Through layers of salt, rubbing alcohol, bubble wrap, or other objects she creates texture to make each work come alive with vibrance. After the pieces dry, she meticulously details each one with prism and metallic markers.

She utilizes her images to bring life and function to everyday objects: magnets, memo pads, calendars, cards, wall plaques, coasters, piggy banks and other things used in daily life. She believes art should find a way into anything it can, not just a painting hanging on wall. She sees art in everything and hopes this translates to the people who enjoy her images as much as she does.