Patti Pfaendtner


Hometown: Macomb, MI

Discipline: Mixed Media


Patti Pfaendtner’s mom viewed the world through a mathematical lens. Things either added up numerically or they didn’t: black or white, intelligence or ignorance, friend or foe. Hard as Patti tried, she could never get her brain to work that way. She saw too many colors, too many patterns, too many possibilities.

Patti’s artistic lens makes the world more confusing, less pragmatic and a little more forgiving. She has yet to figure out her place in life, but she does know the following. She teaches to eat, to support her family, and to do her part. She creates to explain what she sees, to exist with meaning and to live in peace.

Patti prides herself on finding innovative and unique uses for discarded and/or vintage materials, including found metal, flea market dolls, exotic wood, antique drawers, clay, and vintage text. Each art piece is original and is created with an eye towards whimsy, fantasy, and surprise.