Mary Jim Stahl & Richard McCoy


Hometown: Toledo, OH

Discipline: Mixed Media

The manifestation of transforming wood and organics into usable, artistic treasures is achieved with fabricating, turning, refining, and exceptional polishing techniques. Exotic and domestic woods, corn cobs, antlers, and acrylic composites along with combinations of all of these are used to in the creation of our pieces. Each piece is unique unto itself in material and style. Hand made, and always creative, each piece tells its own story.

Richard McCoy

A retired engineer working in development applications, he is a decorated Vietnam War veteran. War injuries resulted in him being disabled. His craft reflects his love of detail, appreciation of nature’s beauty, originality of form, finish, and composition
resulting in turning blocks of wood and other media into treasures! His art has shown in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.

Mary Jim Stahl

A retired mathematics teacher, inspired by nature’s art, she studied metal fabrication, enameling, casting, and glass at the Toledo Museum of Art(TMA). A certified instructor in Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay, woodworking is her newest focus. Her unique, multimedia creations have shown at the TMA, California, Florida, and area art venues.

Mary Jim Stahl