Mari Pruks

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Discipline: Photography


Mari Pruks has always been an image maker. Drawing and painting were activities that furnish some of her earliest childhood memories.

She attended art school in Estonia when she was six years old, where she studied painting and drawing. After graduating from high school in Estonia, she studied art and photography in Finland and America. These art classes in printmaking, graphic design, and film gave her a great appreciation for images of all types, and opened her eyes to the possibilities of combining different art techniques in a single work.

She is passionate about psychology and human behavior. Mari holds a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan. She is currently working as a therapist part-time, while devoting the rest of her time to art making and family.

Like a fine piece of music has the power to change our feelings and alter our emotions, an image can have the same effect. She tries, in her pictures, to move and inspire people. Her images are both reflection and expression in that she does not aim or plan a final picture, but instead allows herself to be found within it as it occurs.

These pictures are all collages of her own images that she has collected over the years. She used Photoshop to layer them together, and often hand colors them as well.