Mad Mohre & Tim Van Beke


Hometown: Adrian, MI

Discipline: Mixed Media


This body of work is a combination of printmaking and book artist techniques incorporating serigraphy, pamphlet stitching, coptic stitching, long stitching and Italian marbling. Each process uses high-quality materials such as calf leather, cow leather, rabbit skins and waxed linen threads. All prints are completed on archival papers using light-resistant, water-based inks.

Mad Mohre

Mad Mohre is an Assistant Professor of Art at Siena Heights University. Her process of making has been heavily influenced by ideas of play and various relationships between craft, the use of the miniature, sound, sci-fi, humor and installation. Most recently, Ms. Mohre has created album art for the score from Serial (a podcast by the creators of This American Life).

Tim Van Beke

Tim Van Beke is an Associate Professor of Art at Siena Heights University. His current work utilizes mass produced, low-brow Americana with a variety of loosely handled materials in creating works that are both familiar and contain enigmatic personal metaphors.

Mad Mohre & Tim Van Beke