Linda Jacobs


Hometown: Adrian, MI

Discipline: Glass

Linda Jacobs’ story is based in her teaching career. She owes everything she is as an artist to her experience as a secondary art teacher for 30 years. She wanted her students to have more than the cut and paste, cut and dried experiences that were the boring norm. She learned very early that her students could translate anything she did, so they worked in every medium they could, combined many, and turned out some very exciting projects. The culmination of student work was always the county Art Fairs at the end of the school year. Together they went to win!

Linda didn’t limit how much students created and always pushed their work ethic above and beyond. She works in the same way. She tries to think beyond what she has already created, otherwise it gets stale and boring; there is always something new to try.  Now that she is retired, she can work at will to find the next step in her journey.

Linda’s main area of artistic concentration for the last 15+ years has been glass. She uses stained glass and anything else that she thinks will work to create one-of-a-kind mosaics. In addition, she creates fused and slumped glass pieces and some soldered work.

She will be sharing the booth with Khayman Jones.