Kimberly Kotzian


Hometown: Brooklyn, MI

Discipline: Photography


Kimberly Kotzian has always been a nature lover and an admirer of beautiful wildlife photography. After losing her job in 2012, she took some time off to teach herself everything possible about the discipline. It completely changed her life. Spending any amount of time immersed in nature is rewarding on many levels. For Kimberly, it provided a sanctuary of sorts. She strives to reflect the wonder of an isolated forest or a crowded city park. She aims to remind people to stop for just a moment and look around them: you never know what amazing and beautiful things you’ll see.

She uses a variety of lenses to produce her images. Wildlife shots are the result of many hours spend in a blind with a telephoto lens. All images are lightly processed in the Lightroom program before being printed at home. The best are then matted and framed. Kimberly also makes coasters, ornaments and magnets from her images.

Kimberly Kotzian