Joshua Stewart


Hometown: Columbus, OH

Discipline: Painting


Joshua Stewart creates bright, whimsical paintings of animals and creatures using acrylics, oils, and small sculptural pieces using sculpey. Many of my pieces are finished with colorful refurbished frames. Along with original works, he sells signed and numbered giclee prints on archival papers.

Joshua really tries to create work that makes people smile. For years he worked in a style that wasn’t truly his own. He tried to create what he thought people wanted, or what the latest trend suggested people liked. With his recent work, he creates what makes him happy and what he enjoys. Painting in vibrant colors, Joshua creates whimsical landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them. They may be animals that exist in our world today, or imaginary creatures straight from his head.

Joshua’s aim is to create work that is approachable to everyone. Whether you’re a true art lover, or a child experiencing their very first art show, he wants to leave with a huge grin on your face.

Joshua Stewart