Jim & Taina Bundshuh


Hometown: Tipton, MI

Discipline: Mixed Media

Taina and Jim met in their high school art class and have been making sweet art together for 33 years. They share a studio space and exhibit art in shared spaces.

Jim  Bundshuh

Jim’s sculpture is forceful and dynamic. It is all inspired by his broad life experiences and there is story behind every piece. Some pieces have been derived from military and weaponry, while other pieces were inspired by victims of cases Jim has worked on as a police officer. His work was recently featured in an Adrian Neighbors magazine.

Jim creates his sculptures with welded steel, wood, ceramics and other materials that inspire him. The sculptures range in size from under 4″ to 48″ tall and can be either free-standing or wall-mounted.

Taina  Bundshuh

Taina works primarily with portraiture in a narrative style. She likes to tell a story with her art, sometimes very personal,sometimes more socially driven. She also likes to work with design, therefore, some work is abstract and deals with the mechanics of design, movement and playful mixed media.

Taina is primarily a painter working with oils, acrylics and water media on canvas, wood or paper. She also likes to work in very small sizes to very large, including murals.