Gayle Carpenter


Hometown: Rives Junction, MI

Discipline: Painting

Gayle Carpenter creates painted furniture, wine glasses and glazed tiles. Each piece is hand painted with an original design. She uses acrylics on the furniture and a low temperature glass paint on the glasses and tiles.

Gayle Carpenter is a self taught artist. She began developing her art while working as a preschool teacher. Gayle spent many hours planning bulletin boards, art projects and drawing for the children. She was inspired by children’s books and their colorful illustrations. She started out by painting furniture for myself and to give as gifts.

Friends and family encouraged Gayle to apply to a local art fair; she had so much success that 15 years later, she sells her artwork full-time. She began painting on tiles and wine glasses when customers requested smaller items. Her business is growing and she is currently selling whimsical wine glasses to several wineries in Michigan. Gayle loves adding a bit of color to peoples lives.

Gayle Carpenter