Christine Borowski & Oscar Cruz


Hometown: Ferndale, MI

Discipline: Jewelry

Website: hypknotica

Christine Borowski & Oscar Cruz met on a beach in Costa Rica in 2000. Oscar was a traveling artisan from Mexico City; Christine, a New Yorker, looking for
peace and waves to surf. They clicked and soon after Oscar started teaching Christine basic macramé techniques. They backpacked for 7 years throughout Central and South America living off of this craft. Seventeen years later, they have blossomed into full-time artists and currently divide their time between Mexico and Michigan.

Their work is inspired by colors, patterns and techniques they gather while
traveling. They highlight the beauty they find in gems, crystals, fossils, and antlers, by turning then in to strong “Power Pieces” for their clientele.

They begin with rolls of waxed nylon string and leather hides; using contemporary macramé techniques they create sturdy, strong pieces. They secure hand cut cabochons into place with tight weaves, the result being a unique metal-free setting for rings, bracelets and pendants. There is no glue used in their process, only 17 years of weaving experience.