Brandee Ross


Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI

Discipline: Pottery


Brandee Ross’ passion for the arts has manifested itself in many ways: through photography, painting, graphic design and illustration. However, her true love has always been clay. Pattern, color and contrast all play a huge role in her work, especially in her wax resist surface decoration. Over 12 years of graphic design work also influences her pottery; the pieces are not just attractive but also function well. One of her signature and most popular forms are mugs. With their distinctive ear-shaped handles, they are extremely comfortable to hold. Brandee has studied pottery at the Flint Institute of Arts and Oakland Community College. She currently works in her private home studio in Ypsilanti.

Her pottery is handmade on a wheel using stoneware clay from a local Michigan supplier. Each piece is a unique, functional work of art featuring bold patterns created with wax resist and contrasting glazes. Brandee mixes her own glazes – they are all food safe and lead free.

Brandee Ross