Ben Suydam


Hometown: Adrian, MI

Discipline: Photography


Ben enjoys taking photographs that tell stories. He uses a Canon Rebel digital camera with several different lens choices. He enjoys taking ordinary photos in abstracted ways. He has developed many of his own techniques – including long exposures where the camera is moved around and turned upside down to get very original results.

On day one of his first class at Washtenaw Community College, Ben told his professor that he wanted to take photos in a way that nobody else has. He has taught himself many techniques that are not exactly textbook maneuvers. Ben hardly ever knows what he is going to photograph when he sets out on a photographic adventure. Most of his photos and stories are developed in the moment. Many times he doesn’t know what story the photo is telling until he looks back on it at a later time. He equates it to writing a book with his camera, then reading it for the first time when it’s complete.

Benjamin Suydam