Aleesa Bailog


Hometown: Chicago, IL

Discipline: Jewelry

Aleesa Bailog is an artist who works with metal. Her journey in jewelry began when her friend, jewelry artist Heyltje Rose, inspired her to take a metal class at Lillstreet Art Center. One class and she was hooked. Aleesa has been slowly building on those skills ever since.

“I love working with metal: manipulating it by hammering and each stage of the fabrication process. I personally hand fabricate each of my pieces with great attention to detail with the intention of offering a simple elegance in the design and construction. I am fortunate to be able to get up and go to a studio every day doing that I so love to do.”

The materials in her jewelry pieces are copper, bronze, brass and sterling silver. She employs techniques such as etching, forging, reticulation, PMC, lost-wax casting and gemstones.

Aleesa Bailog