Fine Arts Fair in Adrian, Michigan September 21 & 22, 2018

Beautiful Art. Delicious Food. Great Entertainment.

Artalicious is the perfect mix of fine art, food, and entertainment. Featuring more than 80 talented local and regional artists, you are sure to find something that speaks to you. Many of our artists provide demonstrations of their craft. As you shop, your experience is complemented by ongoing live musical performances at the main stage. Bring a friend, make a day of it, and take advantage of the special food events and vendors on site.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Adrian, Artalicious is an easily walkable district with plenty of free parking. The area has wonderful shops and restaurants surrounding the event as well as multiple hotels within a few minutes drive. Artalicious is a great way to spend the weekend relaxing and taking in all of the art and culture that the southeast Michigan region offers.

Latest News

  • Danny Bowles, Featured Artist

    Meet Danny Bowles, Fiber Artisan

      As he nears the barn he pulls the scarf a bit tighter around his neck, attempting to fend off the chill that the cooler...

  • Jane Merrills, Featured Artist

    Meet Jane Merrills, Jewelry Artist

      She spies a colorful sparkle and kneels in the sand, gently pushing aside grains to reveal a stone. A grin slowly appears on her...

  • Ann Tubbs - Featured Artist - Pottery

    Meet Ann Tubbs, Pottery Artist

      “Wait! Don’t eat that yet!” she exclaims. “I haven’t finished drawing it.” She quickly finishes her sketching and places the small notebook in her...